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Вышел FPC 2.2.0

Команда Free Pascal Compiler с удовольствием объявляет о выходе FPC 2.2.0!

An overview of most changes is available below, but some highlights are:

  • Architectures: PowerPC/64 and ARM support
  • Platforms: Windows x64, Windows CE, Mac OS X/Intel, Game Boy Advance, and Game Boy DS support
  • Linker: fast and lean internal linker for Windows platforms
  • Debugging: Dwarf support and the ability to automatically fill variables with several values to more easily detect uninitialised uses
  • Language: support for interface delegation, bit packed records and arrays and support for COM/OLE variants and dispinterfaces
  • Infrastructure: better variants support, multiple resource files support, widestrings are COM/OLE compatible on Windows, improved database support

Downloads are available at http://www.freepascal.org/download.var


The Free Pascal Compiler Team

For more info see What's New in 2.2.0

10.09.2007 г.

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